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Lake Union View

  Container gardening is physically easier than traditional gardening.  Containers need not be identical to coordinate and come in many shapes, colors and styles.  Larger containers accommodate trees and mid to large size shrubs.  Privacy and year round interest can be achieved through proper planning.  

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Capital Hill Oasis

This Capital Hill garden is in the heart of the city.  It is an oasis for the owner, who works long hours and enjoys coming home to a formal entry garden and an informal, lush back garden designed to maximize entertaining and relaxation areas.                    

Queen Anne Woodland Escape

This woodland garden was designed to highlight the impressive presence of an existing Magnolia tree.  When the homeowners return from work, they park in the alley and enjoy the views on their way through the garden to the back door.  The patio maximizes available sunlight and affords plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing.  The [...]

Sunny Front Entry

Sunny Front Entry

  This walkway complements the brick house and provides a welcoming entry leading both to the front door and to the back garden. A retaining wall is practical and adds interest by providing some varying height. The sunny, cheerful garden welcomes family and guests with colorful and textural appeal throughout the year. We also designed [...]

Sunny Front Entry

  Bare branches can provide structural interest even in winter.


  Herbs provide color and culinary usefulness.  

Trellises and climbing plants can screen unsightly elements.

Design Solutions

Trellises and climbing plants can screen unsightly elements. Sustainable landscaping calls for using drought-tolerant and hardy plants.  Using evergreen shrubs such as Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’ provides long-lasting interest with early spring flowers followed by blue berries, as well as attractive year-round foliage. Utility areas can be screened so they are pleasing to the eye [...]

Blue Ridge Slope

This “green” home’s sunny, low-maintenance entry garden is situated on a tricky slope.  The design features drought-tolerant plants that provide interesting texture and year-round color.  Cotoneaster dammeri is used as ground cover to help prevent weeds.  The homeowner will not need to spend time pruning, weeding and watering.

Blue Ridge Slope