Queen Anne Woodland Escape

This woodland garden was designed to highlight the impressive presence of an existing Magnolia tree.  When the homeowners return from work, they park in the alley and enjoy the views on their way through the garden to the back door.  The patio maximizes available sunlight and affords plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing.  The stairs off the patio lead to an upper sitting area that is partially hidden in the summer, drawing you to the final destination, a comfortable, shady reading nook.  Shade-loving plants were chosen to create a woodland look.  In the sunny area near to the back door, blueberries and strawberries were planted to take advantage of the sun.  Plants are low maintenance and do not require much water once established.  Plantings provide for seasonal color, including of Agapanthus, which highlights the blue in the house.  The low wall acts both as a retaining wall and a seating wall.  An efficient and practical use of space, it is especially useful in this sunnier portion of the garden.